Turkey's Pulse - November 2020

The tumult of the domestic agenda in November ranged from frequent rows to whether or not the Central Bank would raise interest rates. One thing that delayed us was the level of expectations that built up around the rates decision.


It seems that the public kept a close eye on the Central Bank decision and the changes that took place in the economic management team. In October we saw the AK Party vote contract to its core support. The changes in economic management, the rates decision and the stabilization of the exchange rate were met with an immediate response. Perceptions of the economy improved and AK Party votes staged a recovery.


One general conclusion from our report is that the ruling party has benefited from the steps it took on the economy and the changes it made in who occupies varies key positions. And while the opposition managed to gain traction with various lines of argument, most were defeated or had little impact.


Our November 2020 findings also demonstrate that negative perceptions of the independence of the judiciary run very deep and that there is a strong public desire for root-and-branch reform.


The November Turkey's Pulse survey was carried out using the stratified sampling and weighting method on 1,645 people in 28 provinces based on the 26 regions of Turkey's NUTS 2 system between November 20 - 27. The survey used CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) methodology with a margin error of 2.37 percent at the 95 percent level of confidence.